Fundamentals of a feasibility study for a walnut cultivation project

The plant in general has conditions of soil and land in order to grow its seeds and harvest its fruits

Jan 20, 2023 - 19:48
Fundamentals of a feasibility study for a walnut cultivation project

The plant in general has conditions of soil and land in order to grow its seeds and harvest its fruits, and it needs the first years of preparation, to give the initial shoots of its already ripe fruits, so if you want to study the feasibility of the walnut cultivation project, you must take the following steps

Convenient location


 You must choose the appropriate location for planting walnuts in a manner commensurate with the acceptance of walnut trees, whether soil, climate, or other factors that contributes to the strong and productive growth of the walnut tree.


 Suitable large land

 You must have medium or large land available for the walnut cultivation project. Walnut trees are of the type whose yield depends on the size of the land, so their cost and expenses are covered by the size of the land.  The larger it is, the more productive it becomes, while giving less production in the event that the land becomes narrow for it


 Walnut trees are a very large tree that needs to be spread in the fields, so it cannot be planted in limited places, not even in home gardens, because its roots must be deeply embedded in the soil in large distances, so you have to know the level of depth, whether it is an inch  or cm



Choose the best seedlings or seeds

 Some farmers grow walnut trees with seeds, but it takes longer to grow, and some with seedlings, and the seedlings are better and faster. As for the seedlings, the better types of seedlings you choose, even if they are a little more expensive, the greater your profit will be


 Turkey has seedlings exported abroad with international standards, and the best supporter in this process is access to the appropriate consultant who provides correct information to find good seedlings.  For example, when an investor makes a long-term investment such as walnuts, he will discover after three years or more that his seedlings are bad, thus wasting his time and effort in vain, so the most important step in producing it is to reach good seedlings from the beginning, so that the long and arduous investment will succeed, and it should also start with equipment Suitable seedlings and suitable soil.

Provide your various information

 In the walnut cultivation project, you must have the main important information, between knowledge of fertilization, irrigation times, amount, cultivation methods, different but basic general information



 Labor availability

 There is a need for a large number of workers in the walnut cultivation project, in order to take care of the walnut trees, whether to water them in the summer, or to harvest their abundant crop, or to take care of them during the days of the year for the next season


 Abundant water availability

 Although walnut cultivation is one of the easy crops, water is one of the main conditions that must be met for its growth in the walnut cultivation project, as it greatly prefers water, so there are two irrigation methods

Rivers, usually in the past, the riverbanks area was chosen, in order to grow walnut trees and ensure abundant crops


 Regular watering, recently The lands of farmers that extend away from the rivers are irrigated using modern irrigation methods