Noiz Group is an American-Turkish company with various activities. The company's activities started in the field of construction and interior coatings, starting from the United States of America and extending to Europe - Russia - Africa - Turkey. As investors, Turkey has attracted our attention with its many advantages due to its strong infrastructure, effective central location and trade and energy corridors between the East and the West. Also, the unprecedented urban renaissance and economic power that Turks are arguing over their leadership with all their values and promising investment portfolios. All these advantages prompted Noiz Group to invest in Turkey and own a business center there.

Noel Gates Real Estate is one of the Noiz Group companies operating in the fields of real estate, investment, project marketing, legal advice, business development and strategic consulting in Turkey.

MG for Agricultural Investment is one of the groups of Noise Group, which works in the field of agricultural investment and the development of agricultural projects in many states within Turkey.

Güneşoğlu is one of our companies, and as a continuation of our role in the field of construction, which we started years ago, inside and outside Turkey.

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