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1. Investment in Turkey

With its spectacular climate, nature, culture, and history, Turkey has always
been a desirable destination for foreigners to call it a second home. As a
result, the country is offering endless opportunities for businessmen,
professionals, students, and retired individuals to come and invest in its real
estate with the promise of giving second citizenship.

Foreigners and expats looking to live in Turkey can easily get Turkish
citizenship by investment within six months or less.

If you’re interested in buying real estate in Turkey, we’ve created this
ultimate guide that takes you through the ins and outs of investing in
Turkish real estate.

Keep on reading to make an informed decision. People looking for long-
term investments can rely on Turkey's real estate market because these
prices have the potential to offer lucrative ROI. Real estate buyers in Turkey
have the added advantage over those in Cyprus or Spain, where property
prices have already skyrocketed

2. When buying a land worth $400,000, does a foreigner get Turkish citizenship?

Yes, of course, because buying a property for $400,000 meets the
requirement to apply for Turkish citizenship through a property, regardless
of whether that property is home, office, commercial or land.

However, it should be noted that the price of the property, which we will
pay, should be recorded at the same value on the title.

3. In case the foreigner buys an architectural land, what can he legally build on?

The treatment of a foreign investor is like the treatment of a
Turkish citizen when buying a property, so he has the right to what
a foreigner is entitled to from the construction of a building, a
residential complex, a villa or even a group of villas.

4. Can I buy agricultural land in Turkey?

Foreigners can buy a maximum of 300.000 square meters and
minumum of 10.000 square meters of cultivated lands land
following the interests of the country. Agricultural land in Turkey,
which is preferred by foreigners who want an area of their own
and who want to live a more rural life in this area, is offered by
investment consultants in Turkey.

5. Would you recommend buying land, an apartment or an office in Turkey, and which is better in terms of investment?

Advice depends on the type of profits expected, and the speed at which
they are obtained. Buying an apartment or office in Turkey, often aimed at
investing in the medium term by, for example, renting them.

As for the purchase of land, it is for investment in building and constructing
it, and then selling the properties that have been built.

As for agricultural land, it earns in the short term by cultivating the land,
reaping and selling the crop, and through the value of the land in the
market, which increases every year.

6. Is it a good time to buy Turkish property?

Experts predict that the Turkish real estate market will grow at an
annual rate of 8% between 2022 and 2027.
Can you get residency in Turkey if you buy property?
yes you can have turkish residency by buy an appertment USD
75,000 in big cites and small cıtes ıs 50,000 usd Once the
property is purchased, the residence permit is valid for one year,
after which it is renewed

7. What are architectural lands, and what is the difference between them agricultural lands in the title deed?

Architectural land is every land on which construction is permitted at a
certain percentage, whether it be villas, commercial, residential, tourist,
health or educational buildings.

While agricultural land is every land on which construction is not permitted,
or on which construction is allowed in very small proportions of its area, on
special terms.

As for naming these two types of lands in the title deed in Turkey:

The architectural land is called Arsa.
While agricultural land, is called Bahçe tarla in the title deed.
The architectural land is called Arsa.
While agricultural land, it is called Bahce tarla in the title deed.

8. What are disadvantages of the Turkish citizenship?

Pros and cons of Turkish citizenship
Need to pay taxes in two countries if they don't have a
double taxation avoidance agreement
An opportunity to live, work, study and get free medical
treatment in Turkey

9. Does knowledge of these legal concepts and investment advice protect against real estate fraud?

The subject of land is a different topic from the purchase of ordinary
property, such as apartments, offices and so on, since it contains many
details, and experts on agricultural and architectural land in Turkey, with
knowledge of the area of destination, are required to purchase.

Therefore, all aspects of the land and the details of its purchase, because
each land has a different legal description than other land in terms of
allowing building on it, the appearance of the organizational chart, and at
what stage.

We therefore always recommend consulting land specialists and not relying
solely on vain promises of real estate intermediaries, as they are insufficient
to know all the real aspects of investment.
Since not every land is suitable for construction in Turkey, some controls
are made when starting a project or house on the land. Therefore, the land
where the construction works will be carried out must be included in the
urban planning or zoning plan so that it can be built.

10. Step-by-Step Guide

Follow this step-by-step guide to ensure that your real estate investment
deal go as smoothly and safely as possible:
Start with research. There are hundreds and thousands of properties for
sale in Turkey, and so are the real estate agents. Find the right real estate
agent first. If you know someone who has previously bought a property in
Turkey, consult them and ask them to recommend a few real estate agents.
You need to explore every option available to you.
Research the market and find a local estate agent - if you’re not already
living in Turkey, you’ll need to plan a few trips to view properties.
Once you’ve found a property you want to buy, negotiate the price and
terms of purchase (your estate agent can help with this) with the seller.

Costs can vary between the different regions of Turkey, but here’s a rough
idea of the main taxes and fees involved¹⁰:

Notary fees - from £200
Property Purchase Tax (similar to stamp duty) - 4.% of purchase price
Land Registry
Estate agent fees - approximately 2%
Legal fees

You’ll sign a sales contract and pay a small reservation deposit - at this
point, the purchase is legally binding.

You’ll need to have your ID/passport and residence permit (if applicable)
Build a good rapport with your real estate agent so that they get you the
best deals possible.

11. A new decision regarding the method of evaluating real estate related to Turkish citizenship

A new decision regarding the method of evaluating real estate related to Turkish citizenship 
A new decision regarding the method of evaluating the property through which the # investor applies for # Turkish citizenship_
# Real estate under construction will be officially evaluated in a way surprising to your expectations, (i.e. less than you paid )
Therefore, we offer our advice from specialists in Noize group to rely on ready-made "residential or agricultural" real estate or real estate with a government guarantee because it is easier, faster and more guaranteed to obtain Turkish citizenship through it

12. What are the new decisions on agricultural investment and Turkish citizenship2023 ??

 A new decision has been issued regarding obtaining Turkish citizenship 
He stopped the work of granting Turkish citizenship by investment through agricultural land . 
While real estate remains eligible for Turkish citizenship by investing in it ...
Notice about the decision: real estate eligible for Turkish citizenship is also excluded .. Properties under construction